BASE zero is dedicated to better buildings through training building professionals and the trades.  Here are some of the topics

Zero, Affordable, Livable

How to design and build new zero energy homes for the middle market. Ideas on design, construction, technology and financing. This is a good introduction to the topic of zero energy buildings.

Zero Energy Home Design and Construction

Detailed discussion of the materials and methods for creating zero energy homes with special emphasis.

Selling and Marketing Zero Energy Homes

Reveals how to unlock the hidden value of zero energy homes in the marketplace. Includes feature and benefits, third-party certifications, rating systems, plus appraisal and financing advice.

High-performance Envelopes

Options for high-performance buildings with an emphasis on affordability and constructability. Includes framing, insulation, air sealing and windows.

21st Century Mechanical Systems

Learn about the latest technologies for high-performance heating, ventilating , including mini-split heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, and solar.

Residential Ventilation for Health and Efficiency

As homes become more airtight to save energy, they also need effective ventilation that doesn’t waste energy. Learn about the latest in heat recovery ventilation and other alternatives.

Energy-efficient Lighting

Introduction to lighting design with an emphasis on efficiency and performance.

Building Science Basics

Dig into the principles of heat flow, moisture migration and how these principles affect building performance, design and construction.