Bruce-Sullivan-and-Karen Energy Efficient Homes Save Owners Money

Bruce Sullivan has been helping people improve the energy efficiency and reduce their environmental impact for more than three decades. His latest efforts involve zero-energy (ZE) homes. He consulted on the first ZE homes in Oregon and designed a ZE certification program for Earth Advantage. The thread that ties all this together is his passion for making sustainable building the norm for new construction. Build a better planet!

IMG_1436Bruce Sullivan is an expert in building science, leading the building field in promoting a smarter and stronger housing market for its consumers. Bruce served on the research team advising them on energy-efficient building products and practices. He conducted extensive energy modeling on dozens of building configurations. The project was funded and led by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.  His experience and research became part of A Life Cycle Approach to Prioritizing Methods of Preventing Waste from the Residential Construction Sector in the State of Oregon

Bruce was also the principal content developer for this multi-faceted training effort. He researched best practices in building materials and techniques. Based on this information, he created and delivered full-day and half-day live trainings. The content was repurposed as an online training for the website. The project was funded by the Northeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA). Ducts Inside Conditioned Space

Bruce_teachingCustomized Green Home Building classes are available for businesses, building contractors, planners, or for any specialized building projects.     Earth Advantage Sustainable Homes Professional accreditation courses are available as well. Learn sustainable building practices from building science experts in a hands-on learning environment and gain practical knowledge that you can apply immediately.  Find out when an upcoming class is available in your area: More information and course registration

Training for architects, builders, trades and sales people moves the construction industry forward. BASE zero offers training for the public or for your staff. Learn how to market and sell today’s sustainable homes. Learn the science behind sustainable, energy-efficient construction.IMG_1810Learn to hone your construction practice to make your homes durable, efficient and healthy. Training and consulting can upgrade the skills of your staff or clientele. We communicate up-to-date information and fundamental principles based on decades of experience in the energy efficiency field. Our training is both informative and entertaining. We are always available for special projects, research studies, report writing and document publishing. See a list of presentation topics.

If you would like to speak with Bruce Sullivan regarding topics and fees, please contact: 541-701-9883.