bruce-d-sullivanBruce Sullivan has been helping people improve the energy efficiency and reduce their environmental impact for more than three decades. In the early 1980s, He was on the team of trainers for the earliest effort to improve new construction efficiency in the Pacific Northwest. It was called the Residential Construction Demonstration Project (RCDP), and it formed the technical basis for the region’s Super Good Cents program. He helped write that program’s first technical training manual as well as deliver training to builders, code officials and others around the Northwest.

Bruce served on the research team advising them on energy-efficient building products and practices. He conducted extensive energy modeling on dozens of building configurations. The project was funded and led by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.  His experience and research became part of A Life Cycle Approach to Prioritizing Methods of Preventing Waste from the Residential Construction Sector in the State of Oregon
Preventing Waste in Residential Construction

Over the years, Bruce has worked for the Oregon State University Extension Energy Program, Eugene Water & Electric Board, and Earth Advantage Institute. He owned Iris Communications, Inc. and produced videos, publication and websites—all targeted for contractors, energy professionals and other practitioners. His new company, BASE zero, LLC, makes use of his background to deliver consulting and training services as well as residential energy verifications and home energy ratings.

Bruce was also the principal content developer for this multi-faceted training effort. He researched best practices in building materials and techniques. Based on this information, he created and delivered full-day and half-day live trainings. The content was repurposed as an online training for the website. The project was funded by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA). Ducts Inside Conditioned Space

Bruce’s own homes have allowed him to apply the current state of the art. In 1992, his Super Good Cents certified home in Eugene achieved an air leakage rate of 3.5 ACH50. Twelve years later, his first home in Bend achieved and Earth Advantage Platinum certification with ACH50 of 1.8. Bruce and his wife Robin recently completed their zero-energy home in central Bend. With 10-inch walls and air leakage of 1.0 ACH50 and a 4.3 KW photovoltaic system, the home produces more energy than it uses. This home proves the investment in energy efficiency generates immediate financial returns that exceed the cost.

“This latest step–to net-zero energy homes–is most interesting to me. I consulted on some of the first NZ homes in Oregon and designed a net-zero certification program for Earth Advantage Institute. The thread that ties all this together is my passion to make sustainable building the norm for new construction. Build a better planet!”

Specialties: green building, building science, energy analysis and modeling, materials selection, residential building design, solar energy, zero energy buildings